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Fiona, Sunshine Coast

I had the opportunity to have a session with the lovely Cath delving into my Akashic Records.  I was a little nervous but as soon as she began, I felt very calm and relaxed, her vibe is amazing!  Cath was on point with so many things that were discussed, she presented the information in such a loving, caring way that I felt very safe and secure that she was very respectful with the information she was been shown.  It was also great to be able to have a good laugh at points as well.  I came to Cath after feeling uncertain in where I was heading, the clarity she was able to give me has set me on an amazing journey and has given me the confidence to know I will achieve my life’s goals.

If you have the chance to spend some time with Cath, I strongly recommend you do so, soooo worth it!

Lin, Norway

Catherine is amazing. Her readings are so deep and she really truly connect with YOU. You can see and feel how much she is really tuning in to get the best for you. The details and the depths are just so immense and I would HIGHLY suggest to go see her when you need a really deep insights into what going on. She also is so gentle and loving with her energy and she guides you on how to take the next steps 

<3 thank you <3

Kylie, Crib Point

Cath is absolutely amazing! I have had a few readings by Cath and her accuracy is scary (in a good way). The readings I received have past history with so much detail that you can clearly identify who and what is being referred to. The current and future readings provide so much insight and useable information and are easily relatable. I often look back on the  readings and each time I am still in awe of the accuracy of past, present and now future. I so appreciate her insight and advice and the way she expresses the reads. I recommend Cath to everyone! I can’t express enough how spot on she is!

Theresa, Canberra

Wow. So much to unpack there but what a delightful experience listening to you do your thing! The authenticity that shines through as you speak and unravel the messages coming through to you is powerful.  What a shock that the akashic messages are consistent with the professional advice I am being given at the moment- but the way you passed on the messages took my emotions into account too. I will re-listen to this again because there were layers in there that I want to revisit. Thank you. What a gift you have that you have shared with me.

Chelsea, Florida

I went to Catherine for a Tarot reading and I left having received so much more! The reading was incredibly accurate and so insightful. Her messages touched my soul. Her session helped me release old wounds that I'd been holding onto and since then, I've been able to move forward with so many aspects of my life. I give her my thanks and my highest recommendations.

Preeti, India

Catherine is truly gifted. she did a reading for me which resonated so well with my life. She identified the issues as well as gave very pointed solutions that I can actually implement. Love her positivity and ability to provide such good guidance.

Highly recommend her!

Ilya, Melbourne

Cath is very intuitive. I felt that she truly understood me in a way I never understood myself. And as a result my life makes more sense and has a higher purpose. I am very grateful to have met you, and I hope to do a lot more business with you. I feel Cath has all that a light worker needs for you to have all of your spiritual needs met. <3 bless all

Sami, Melbourne

"I am now completely PAIN FREE - from a single distance session. It was truly an amazing coincidence to be connected with Catherine.   I HAD been struggling with severe chest pains, digestion and throat issues for 8+ months. I had seen drs, had ECGs, ultrasounds cardiograms and tried every remedy and healing type under the sun and it was getting serious until Catherine worked her magic (via distance mind you) and I immediately felt relief and could feel the energy shifting in my field. I knew something was happening. She picked up on passed relatives as well during our session (mind blowing!). Catherine picked up on some heavy stuff that had happened in the past, she helped me clear it and was so kind and helpful. She is such a lovely woman I could rave on forever. Anyway. point being, after a few days of her healing magic I am completely PAIN FREE. My pain is gone- and I KNOW it is all thanks to her help. I am so grateful to have come across you and am so thankful to finally be rid of this uncomfortable pain I had been living with!


Thank you SO much, I am definitely a return customer. You are truly gifted. If you are in pain, or are stuck with heavy emotional stuff or want to simply feel better- book with The Loving Lotus, you won’t regret it.  Highly recommend her!

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