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The Loving Lotus

workshops and events

You asked for it! Watch this space for new development offerings - from weekend intensives to 10-weekers, there might even be a new online offering in 2023!  Whether you are an absolute beginner or someone who is curious, perhaps you "know stuff" but not sure where to start. This could be the starting space for you. 

mediumship fundamentals

a photo of Cath in black clothes in front of an audience demonstrating mediumship

Like the psychic development fundamentals, this is a workshop crafted for those who are absolute beginners and those who "know stuff" but are unsure where to start, And if you're just curious, you're welcome too! 

I have designed this workshop to help you recognise and develop mediumship abilities - and build the confidence to use them.  
Over the weekend, we will explore:

  • the fundamentals of mediumship and how it works​

  • rituals and protection

  • techniques for connection

  • translating what you see/hear/feel/smell/taste (aka the clairs)

  • understanding signs and symbols kicking off your "dictionary" or terms of reference you'll work with

  • proof of life

  • the essentials to bring through


Plus a few do's and don'ts. 

The weekend is jam-packed with learning and opportunities to practice, all designed to deepen your connection. 

intuitive empowerment

From becoming still, meditation and connection techniques to recognising the "clairs" - clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (feeling) vs clairsentience (knowing) and we will even touch on clairalience (smell) and clairgustance (taste).  This will help deepen your knowledge and understanding of how they work, and the methods to implement them. 


We delve into signs and symbols to kick off your "dictionary" or terms of reference you'll work with. We will explore different methods of divination including psychometry, scrying & pendulums, divining rods and oracle cards and tarot. We will gaze the tea leaves and coffee grinds and decipher the meaning plus delve into the use of crystals in practice. All wrapped up with few mediumship basics to finish!

Most of all, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice, practice, practice. 

image of tarot, candle, crystals, pendulum

full moon drumming

The full moon is always about release.  surrendering that which no longer serves you. There is a meditation circle, we set intentions and we throw what no longer serves into the fire (virtual). Its an opportunity to make new friends or to sit with self in contemplation. 


And most importantly, there is drumming... or rattling, chanting, singling, howling, laughing. All instruments welcome, some nibbles or vino, a blanky or cardy (sometimes it gets cool)... and anything you wish to release.

This is a free, kiddo-friendly event. We just ask you to come with a good heart and good vibes. Meeting monthly on the banks for Lake Burley Griffith (and closer to home in winter), full moon drumming is all about taking time out for you. Follow along on Facebook for updates. 

Photo of full moon across the lake with silhouette holding a drum
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