The Loving Lotus


We mediums haven't always been given a fair run. Between the Hollywood stereotypes and the shonksters that pop up in every industry, you'd be forgiven for thinking that mediumship is all seances, talking in tongues and demon possession! The clichéd version of a psychic is often perceived the same way.


Working psychically means tuning into the energy of a living person, a photograph or objects that are owned by the person being read. By feeling or sensing elements, we are able to provide details about their past, present and future.


However! Generally, a medium is also psychic but someone who is psychic isn't necessarily a medium.

A medium will tune in a little deeper and further, to the energy "around" the person being read - their loved ones in spirit.  Through this connection, we can bring evidence, memories and messages, ultimately bridging the gap between the deceased and the often grieving living.