Kundalini: Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Blend

Kundalini: Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Blend


kundalini: frankincense, juniper berry, myrrh, cedarwood, ylang ylang

The all-balancer. The oil you need for an every chakra pick me up. Or just coz you love it. 


Intuitively selected oils, blended together lovingly under the dark moon.


Each oil blessed on creation to invoke deep healing and balancing.

Oils are blended with either fractionated coconut oil or organic hemp seed oil as their carrier and carry the perfectly matched scent for each chakra.


Individual blends are priced at $20 each. Grab the set of 7 for $140 and you will receive the Kundalini blend as my gift to you. Get a 10% discount when you return your bottles for a refill!