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The Loving Lotus

The Hero's Journey: Deepen your Tarot Experience in 60 minutes


There are many options to choose from when it comes to learning the Tarot. Some even take you on the Fool's Journey. Here is the Hero's Journey. As first revealed by Joseph Campbell in 'Hero With A Thousand Faces', the Hero's Journey forms the foundation of all great stories. YOUR great story. Applying the Hero's Journey to your tarot can elevate your understanding and deepen your healing - and your client's healing.   A little history: A quick overview of the Tarot's humble beginnings. Delve into the main formats of the Tarot and the evolution to the styles in use today. The concept: What is the Hero's Journey? How the Hero's Journey through the Major Arcana can deepen your understanding of the Tarot and how it can elevate your healing. Fool to Death: Navigate the challenges and master the lessons as we head to the mid-way point of the Major Arcana. Temperance to the World: the second half of the journey The Spread: Bring it all together with my specially created Hero's Journey 12-card spread, designed to deepen your understanding of how the Tarot can elevate your healing. Bonus: A brief overview of the minor arcana from the hero's perspective: A mini hero's journey! The structure and numerology, a few quick tips and an insider's secret on the court cards - enough to leave you hanging for more

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