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Full set: Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Blends

Full set: Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Blends


A fusion of intuitively selected oils, blended lovingly under the moon, each oil blessed on creation to invoke deep healing and balancing.


Base: Muladhara 

Sacral: Svadisthana

Solar Plexus: Manipua

Heart: Anahata

Throat: Vissudha 

Third Eye: Ajna

Crown: Sahasrara

Aligh: Kundalini

All oils are blended with a fractionated coconut oil carrier and hold the perfectly matched scent for each chakra. Oil sets are packaged perfectly in a handmade, embroidered bag lovingly created by The Conjurer's Cup.


When you grab the set of 7 for $150 and you will receive the Align blend as my gift to you.  Individual blends are priced at $22 each.


Get a 10% discount when you return your bottles for a refill! 

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The Loving Lotus

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