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The Loving Lotus


Death not an easy topic. It's the elephant in the room, there is the fear of facing our own mortality, the finality of admitting that our time or our loved one's time in this life is limited. Finding the moment and the words to voice our wishes with our families or to hear the wishes of our loved ones.

As a Death Doula or End of Life Consultant, we bridge that gap and can be that voice, to help people die well. On their own terms. A Death Doula makes a difference in the world of those facing death by providing a necessary service that is beneficial to family, friends and the wider community - beneficial to every single person including themselves.  

Think of a Death Doula as an event planner.

As a Death Doula, I can provide information on services and resources available to you and your loved ones.  From planning your death, the way you want it to be - yes, you can choose to die at home, whether under the stars or cosy in your bed; surrounded by loved ones or just you and that one treasured person.  And yes, you can have the service you want, whether that be reflective and quiet or cacophonous and chaotic.  I can assist you in making that happen!   


Do you have an advanced care directive (your thoughts and wishes for the last weeks of life) established? You may not have even thought that was a thing and we can help you with it! Maybe there are those around you who require someone into that sometimes difficult space to co-ordinate and provide direction. I can help you with all of this.

As a Death Doula, I can guide you through the minefield of information, and maybe even open your thoughts and ideas to a new way of looking at life and death.   Most of all I can provide support, a friendly ear, some gentle guidance, for you and for family to navigate through these times. 

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