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The Loving Lotus


My mission is to help you find your joy space. By healing those aspects holding you back, you will feel empowered to take that next step to achieve your dreams. And joyfully so! 

In a mediumship sitting, I connect with your loved ones in spirit to bring messages of hope, healing and love. A psychic reading delivers intuitive guidance, clarity and direction to help you navigate the uncertainty of change ahead and empower you to take the leap of faith. 

An Akashic Records session can uncover patterns and problems and find solutions to break cycles and belief systems. Or access your own Akashic Records through past life regression. These are perfect for discovering soul purpose, past and future lives, identifying patterns and soul lessons and helping you better understand yourself.  You can break habits, conquer fears and overcome nightmares. The process can assist with navigating grief, fostering forgiveness and understanding your life’s mysteries. Or perhaps you are just curious to know more about how you have lived other lives other than this one. 

I also offer a range of healing services with each session personalised to suit you, whether just one or a combination of any service I offer. 

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Where other modalities may not be your thing, working with me allows you to clear some of the blockages linked to emotional trauma, lack of clarity, stuckness and depleted self-confidence. A process that can shift emotional trauma to take you from yuck to unstuck. Setting you free. Free to find your soul's purpose. Free to find your best you, the happiest you.

Perhaps intuitive mentoring is what you need - whether you need career or business advice, the kick start you need for your creativity, book in a sesh to get you going! With 25 years in government and management plus over 10 years in business - I've learnt a thing or two and am happy to share my tricks, tips and tools to help you succeed. 

I offer in-person and online workshops year-round - from intuitive development to empower your psychic and mediumship abilities to working with tarot cards, Watch this space for a fresh new workshop for your healing tool kit!  If you'd like to host your own private workshop, reach out! I'm happy to discuss your needs.

For information, check out the Readings, Healings and Workshops pages.

To book your session, jump over the Book with Cath page. In-person sessions are available in Macquarie, Macarthur and Braddon.  Zoom and remote appointments are also available.  Throughout the year, you will find me at The Good Earth Fairs, Canberra Psychic Fairs and Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Sydney and Melbourne. 

If you can't find a time that suits you or time zones are causing havoc, please contact me or use the chat below so I can schedule the perfect time. Alternatively, we can arrange a remote reading where you won't even need to be present! 

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