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The Loving Lotus

past life regression therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy involves the exploration and understanding of past lives and decisions. Based on hypnotherapy, past life regression is an insightful and valuable modality that offers people a better understanding of their journey through life. 

A past life regression session can provide insight into issues, patterns and habits that have carried over from previous lives and give you an understanding of how and why they are present in this current life.  Clients have experienced a deeper understanding with self, raised self-awareness, improved mental health and recognition of talents from the past. A past life regression offers insight into relationships and how to improve communication. It can also be used to empower and deepen spiritual journeying. 


Past life regression can assist with mental, emotional and physical issues, such as :

  • addiction and habit-breaking

  • anxiety, mood disorders and depression

  • fright, flight and freeze 

  • grief

  • insomnia and recurring nightmares

  • phobias and fears

  • relationship conflicts

  • trauma

  • unexplained headaches

  • and so much more.


Past life regression therapy is a non-invasive safe and suitable modality for people of all ages. You will remember everything in the session, I am merely your guide. You will be aware throughout the entire session, albeit in a deeply relaxed state, All you need to do is relax, allow whatever comes to mind as I guide you through the journey asking questions along the way. All I ask is you answer out loud as we generally record the session for you to play back later.  Sessions run for about 90 minutes, the regression process around an hour, with 30 minutes to reflect, discuss and resolve the experience of the journey. 

Past life regression sessions can be booked on Saturdays at The Conjurer's Cup in Macarthur. For Wednesday to Friday, please message me to inquire.

shamanic healing

It doesn't hurt to gain a different perspective on our healing journey. Maybe our current applications are not achieving the desired effect. Sometimes, we don't understand why or how we are affected by certain people, events and places. A shamanic healing session accesses practices that span millennia. Tried and tested practices that have been utilised the world over, same-same but different. Practices that are still in effect today. 

Shamanic healing accesses healing on an energetic and soul level. Energetic imbalances and spiritual disconnection can profoundly impact physical and emotional health. Traumatic experiences can lead to loss or fragmentation of the soul (on a psychological level, dissociation), it's a survival mechanism. The benefits of shamanic healing can help shed physical and emotional wounds from this life and past lives., Shamanic healing can help heal our relationships, our ancestors and our descendants. And bring back the lost parts of ourselves, soul retrieval. Ultimately, accessing this kind of healing can lead to transformational change and growth so we can live our life - our soul - purpose!

Shamanic healing does not interfere with conventional healing practices but rather complements or elevates other modalities. Through this powerful and ancient practice, shamanic healing can assist with:


  • disengaging emotions from traumatic events

  • clearing patterns and behaviours passed down through ancestry (intergenerational trauma)

  • clearing patterns and behaviours carried from past lives 

  • retrieve parts of our soul given away, taken away or lost through traumatic experiences.

  • cutting cords of detrimental relationships

  • clearing unwanted attachments 

  • repairing the aura/luminous energy field

and much more! 

Shamanic healing sessions can be booked on Saturdays at The Conjurer's Cup in Macarthur. Thursday to Saturday: Online appointments are available. For in-person sessions on these days, message me to inquire.

chakra reset and balance

Chakras are an ancient energy system that emerged in the writings of the Vedas, ancient Hindu philosophical texts written between 1500 and 500 B.C.E. For those with Celtic connections, you may recognise the three cauldrons as the energetic centres. These spinning wheels of energy in and around our body are associated with unique characteristics, elements and aspects of our entire being.

When the energy flow through the chakras is interrupted or blocked, our physical, emotional and spiritual health may decline and we find that we:

  • struggle to process emotions, emotional sensitivities

  • relationship difficulties

  • unexplained judgment, anger and fear

  • exacerbated chronic health conditions

  • increased tension - physical and mental

  • escalated flight, fright, freeze, fawn mechanism

  • feeling stuck and lacking motivation 

  • lack of connection with others, self and Source

  • disconnected from intuition and inability to see forward

  • taking on others’ energies 

 Image by Freepik

By identifying the cause and exploring the symptoms, I can help correct imbalances and blockages, and disengage emotions and activators within the chakras. This restores the energy flow so that it moves freely and harmoniously throughout our body, mind and spirit, alleviating symptoms and restore wellbeing.

house and land clearing

Does your house or property feel heavy, chaotic, or sickly? Do you feel uneasy at home? Have you had an inexplicable health decline? Do you see or sense spirits or energies in the home that don't feel friendly?  Do things move or go missing without explanation? Maybe your pets are easily riled for no reason. Perhaps you are moving and would like an energetic reset in your new home.

A house or land clearing could be the perfect solution. Clearing most places can be achieved relatively easily and quickly - an hour session should suffice, and strategies shared. However, some places require more thorough action so may take longer or additional visits. 

With many years of experience, clearing people, properties and objects, I can
 balance and reset the environment by:

  • detaching, removing and clearing heavy/disruptive energies (people, pets and places)

  • helping Spirits move on to their next phase

  • identifying the energy centre (heart chakra) of your home

  • setting up protection and energy barriers, including griding and blessing

By resetting the balance of the environment, you will feel the transformation and improved dynamics of people, places and pets. After a clearing, people often report increased peace and harmony as well as improved sleep. In workspaces, improved relationships show teams working in unity and productivity increases. 

When engaging in clearing work, I connect to the ancestors of the land and the client's ancestors and loved ones in spirit. Intuitively guided and with a selection of tools - smoke cleansing, spray, crystals, and incantation, I aim to transform your space into one of tranquillity and prosperity.


In many aspects of treating ailments, the elements of our body and mind are thought of in singular form and treated as such. Contrary to this, every system, cell and atom in our bodies are connected in some way and are in constant communication with each other at all times.

Through our exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, these lines of communication become compromised. This leads to declining physical, emotional and/or mental well-being.  Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body’s mechanisms to function at optimal levels, thus preventing disease and rapidly accelerating the healing process.  In this way, BodyTalk stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself as it already does in many ways – from the disappearance of a small cut to recovery from a cold.

The BodyTalk System facilitates communication with the body’s innate wisdom through neuromuscular biofeedback.  This feedback provides the practitioner with a “yes” or “no” answer to any questions asked of the body. The innate wisdom thus provides the practitioner with accurate guidelines about the bodymind requirements for optimum health.

BodyTalk uses non-invasive tapping techniques to help achieve a whole body and mind state of well-being. BodyTalk is so clever that it can also "tap" into the modalities of the practitioner to assist the client!

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