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Cath Leask

the loving lotus


Ngunnawal Country

Meet Cath

Meet Cath

Psychic & Akashic Records Readings ~ Mediumship Sittings ~ Past Life Regression ~ Intuitive Mentoring & Empowerment ~ Shamanic healing  ~ Chakradance workshops ~ End of life support ~ Funeral Services ~  MC & Speaker

I've always known 'stuff'. For as long as I can remember, I have been aware of my intuition, that gut feeling. But have I always followed it? Yeah, nah! These days I rarely ignore it as it never lets me down! 


The memories I have from my childhood, chatting with family members in spirit - believing they were people like everyone else around me. It took me a long time to understand my ability, let alone talk about it, I was very selective in my practice, only trusted friends knew. I should never have doubted the support, acknowledgement and recognition I received when I did go public.


Nowadays, if I have a chance to talk about it, you betcha I do! Whether it's mediumship, psychic stuff, intuitive mentoring, shamanism, healing or tarot, my passion is undeniable! I love what I do. I am so fortunate to do it.

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Something is to be said about how childhood can establish adulthood norms. Surviving a volatile and violent childhood, this trauma became the benchmark in adulthood.

Looking back, I don't think I ever really thought I was sad, but the thing about living in survival mode is you - as Dory says - keep swimming. Over the years, I have managed to compartmentalise to keep going.  Not healthy hey? In a mixed-up way, I wonder, would I have found my spiritual and healing calling without it?  


I am lucky to be alive. I reckon I have 9 lives. I wouldn't wish my journey on anyone, but I am grateful for my strength and resilience.

I am now helping others to walk their healing journey on their terms. My mission is to inspire hope, healing and happiness, which I also receive through every client I see, whether via a healing, reading or mediumship demonstration. 

Through this lived experience, I honour my own periods of healing and wellness, and even though my triggers throw me from time to time, I endeavour to keep processing, learning and healing so that I can continue to provide practical advice on strategies towards a healthy mind, body and soul.

Photo of Tarot deck, Chakra stones, essential oil blends, Crystals, Singing bowl


  • Certified Akashic Records Practitioner (Akashic Studies Australia)

  • Certified Chakradance™️ Facilitator 

  • BodyTalk™️ Fundamentals (BodyTalk Your Health)

  • Certified Death Doula (LifeOptions by Denise Love)

  • Certified Reiki Master & Teacher (Usui Ryoho)

  • Certified Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher (Spirit Trails)

  • Certified Seichim Practitioner (Hadwin Healing)

  • Certified Pellowah Healing Technique Practitioner 

  • Advanced Intuitive Tarot (Sal Jade)

  • Diploma of Ancestral Healing (CoE)

  • Diploma of Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression (CoE)

I am committed to professional development and continual improvement to continue to deliver my best self and services to you.  I have trained with respected industry professionals, both in Australia and internationally, including Lynn Probert, Tony Stockwell, Lucy Baker, Jo Fuller, Sarah Jeffrey, Lisa Williams, Suzy Cherub, Natalie Southgate, Sal Jade and Denise Love,

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